“The Post,” fake news, democracy, and the war on journalism

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep don’t always see eye-to-eye in “The Post.”

As a former newspaper reporter, I was happy to see “The Post” fast-tracked to production and wide release. Director Steven Spielberg has said the urgency was a direct reaction to the Trump presidency, but, from a screenwriting and journalistic perspective, the film resonates beyond cinematic confines. It speaks to the core problems plaguing the media today, and reminds us why democracy is at risk. Continue reading ““The Post,” fake news, democracy, and the war on journalism”

Censorship, net neutrality, and preserving the Internet

Online activist Aaron Swartz fought online censorship, championed an open Internet.

One week into the Trump Administration, did you ever think you’d be associating the phrase “rogue twitter accounts” with the U.S. National Park Service, NASA, and numerous other Federal agencies? In this odd new world, the free exchange of ideas once again is under attack. And with changes coming to the Federal Communications Commission, so, too, is net neutrality. Continue reading “Censorship, net neutrality, and preserving the Internet”

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