New screenwriting font: Courier Prime

courier_prime_typeface_a_g_205Unhappy with the style of Courier bundled with your screenwriting software? Introducing a new free style of Courier that may become the new standard: Courier Prime, courtesy of screenwriter John August and designer Alan Dague-Greene. August, who has a design background, also is doing the screenwriting world a favor by distributing the font for free.

The font is in the TrueType format (Windows, Mac, other) and  matches the metrics of standard Courier and Courier Final Draft, so after installing the font the page counts of your scripts should not change, according to the frequently asked questions about Courier Prime. However, there may be issues when opening the same .fdx files across platforms, such as between the Mac and Windows versions of Final Draft.


Enjoy this gift and be sure to thank John August — not only for Courier Prime but also for his insightful weekly podcast and long-running screenwriting blog.


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