Recommended book: “Dr. Format Tells All”

Script magazine’s Dr. Format (Dave Trottier) is the go-to reference for the constantly changing landscape of screenplay formatting minutiae, and his latest compilation of what the industry expects in terms of properly formatted screenplays is a must-have reference.

Trottier also identifies what Hollywood readers look for in a script and provides tips on how to streamline scenes that make for a great read.

I’m also a big fan of Trottier’s “Screenwriter’s Bible,” which I highly recommend to anyone new to screenwriting.

“The Screenwriter’s Bible” is designed to help guide you from the start of your story development process all the way through to writing a properly formatted, industry-friendly screenplay, which is key to increasing the odds of getting your script read by agents, managers, actors and producers.

If you’re unfamiliar with “Dr. Format,” just visit your nearest newsstand or bookstore, pick up Script magazine, and turn to the “Dr. Format” page to sample the good doctor’s sage advice.

And, as Dr. Format says, keep writing.

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